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Fiscal Policy

Alaska Common Ground has sponsored numerous fiscal policy forums that have included many state experts and visionaries. All of the forums were videotaped and several were televised statewide. Additionally, ACG members have made presentations about how our state budget works.

There’s a lot happening as the state continues to grapple with the current budget crisis. You can see Randy Hoffbeck, Commissioner of Revenue’s analysis here. Ken Alper, also with the Department of Revenue, gave a presentation at a community meeting and shared his powerpoint presentation with us which you can see here. Cliff Groh, Chair Alaska Common Ground, is spending time in Juneau and holding a series of events, most of which are open to the public. You can find out about those on our calendar or on our facebook page.

We held an all day forum on Alaska’s Fiscal Future in October, 2014 exploring Alaska’s fiscal issues in more detail. Video and PowerPoint slides from this discussion can be found here. Other events can be found on our calendar.

ISER has prepared a Fiscal Planning Model . This model is designed to help people better understand the fiscal challenges Alaska’s state government faces, Scott Goldsmith, professor emeritus of economics at ISER, has created this interactive planning model Alaskans and others can download and use to investigate for themselves the implications of different assumptions about state revenues and fiscal policies.

Alaska Common Ground board members continue to participate in the annual State Fiscal Policy Conference hosted by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities in Washington, DC. At these meetings, participants share ideas and concerns that are common to many states, building networks that can be drawn on for expertise and support.

Alaska Common Ground worked with the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy to produced two papers on taxation in Alaska, “Hard Choices: Revenue Raising Options for Alaska” and “The Impact of Three State Revenue Options for Alaska.” These papers examined who would be most affected by the several taxation plans being considered by the legislature.

Alaska Common Ground continues to work toward the establishment of a long-term fiscal plan for the state. The establishment of an on-going budget review process that analyses the state’s revenues and expenditures remains an organizational goal.

Past Forums:

  • Alaska’s Fiscal Future (10/14)
  • Why Do We (Love to) Hate Property Taxes? (4/10)
  • Hard Times and the Alaska Permanent Fund (5/09)
  • How Should We Spend Our Revenues to Best Benefit All Present and Future Alaskans? (4/07)
  • Questions that Alaskans should be asking about the fiscal contract for the pipeline (4/06)
  • Facing Alaska’s Fiscal Future (12/03)
  • Deciphering the State Budget (11/01)
  • We Voted: Now What? Budget & Permanent Fund Earnings (11/98)
  • Fiscal Forum (10/96)
  • Long Range Fiscal Plan 12/95
  • Fiscal Forum (9/95)
  • Tourism and Public Policy (4/95)
  • Bridging the Fiscal Gap (9/94)
  • Health Care Access and Financing (4/93)
  • Groping Through the Gap (Fiscal Policy) (3/92)
  • Alaska’s Coming Fiscal Crisis (10/92)