An engaged Alaskan democracy

Ted Madsen

Ted previously served on the boards of two non‐profits, Anchorage Youth Court and The State News. During his service on the Anchorage Youth Court board he was elected co‐chairman. His responsibilities included planning and leading meetings of the board, as well as serving as a liaison to the general membership of the organization. The State News is one of the premier college newspapers in the country, regularly winning awards and top honors in national competitions. Ted’s duties as a director included oversight of top‐level staff, hiring the editor‐in‐chief and advertising manager on a yearly basis, keeping track of the budget and multi‐million dollar investment portfolio, and serving as the vice-president of the board.

Ted is currently serving as a legislative aide to Representative Max Gruenberg. During his service in both Anchorage and Juneau, he had been exposed to a wide array of policy areas that have a direct effect on Alaskan society. He learned to approach political disagreements with an open mind and with an eye to what is the best course for Alaska to take — not what is political expedient or advantageous. Ted’s policy interests range from issues of fisheries sustainability to enhancing our educational system, from elections, and many areas in between. His education in international relations and political philosophy fostered in him a respect for and understanding of public policy analysis. He has a wide network of friends and acquaintances, across the state, whom possess a variety of expertise in wide-ranging areas of public policy.