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2023/2024 Renewable Energy Legislation

Here are more resources and information about the legislation discussed at our December 18 Renewable Energy Legislation Event.

Alaska Green Bank

An Alaska Green Bank would be a public institution that could leverage private financing opportunities to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Much like green banks in other states, the financing opportunities it would provide can be more affordable to borrowers than traditional ones, helping incentivize renewable energy use and energy efficient building.

Community Solar

This legislation would allow Alaskans to access solar electricity through a shared solar “farm” instead of installing panels in their own yard or rooftop. Solar (or wind) generating facilities could connect to the grid, alleviating the upfront cost of solar for residents and adding renewable power to the community’s supply.

Renewable Energy Portfolio

This bill would create standards for Railbelt utilities to generate certain percentages of their electricity through renewable sources by 2025. The percentages scale each year, eventually reaching 80% renewable generation. Projected fuel cost savings are billions of dollars. 

Renewable Energy Fund

This existing program, established in 2008, issues competitive grants for renewable energy projects throughout Alaska. State appropriated funds leverage additional private and federal capital to fully finance projects ranging from feasibility studies to design and construction. The Alaska Energy Authority manages the fund and estimates the program has saved the equivalent of 30 million gallons of diesel per year. In 2023, HB 62 removed the program’s sunset date, extending it in perpetuity.