An engaged Alaskan democracy

Dialogue Alaska

It is the mission of Alaska Common Ground to help build better understanding among our citizens by gathering and sharing information on Alaska public issues. We strive to build consensus but recognize there will always be differences of opinions; however, through respectful conversations we can re-engage in the public process in more positive ways.

Alaska Common Ground believes there is great strength in people coming together to talk and listen to each other. Through conversations, forums and collaborative efforts with other organizations, we facilitate positive dialogues that help develop areas of agreements and foster positive relationships among all segments of our society.

Under a grant from the Council on Public Policy Education, Alaska Common Ground is currently offering a series of training and dialogue events. These are intended to develop capacities in our community for civic dialogue and public policy reflection essential to make the connection between an involved citizenry and a strong democracy.

In earlier work, Alaska Common Ground co-sponsored the ground-breaking Understanding Neighbors project, along with Out North Theater and the Anchorage Interfaith Council. With funding from the Animating Democracy Initiatives of the Americans for the Arts, this project commissioned original works of art to serve as the opening point for dialogues on the place of same-sex couples in our community. A number of volunteer facilitators were trained in the methods of the Public Conversations project, and over a dozen dialogue groups brought together small groups with diverse experiences and religious perspectives to listen and learn from each other in relation to this challenging topic. For more information, see the Understanding Neighbors report at the link below. Our 2010 Update: Dialogue Alaska 2010 Report

Pictures from last workshop (from Dick Lafever)