An engaged Alaskan democracy.

If you believe that:

  • Democracy depends on citizen participation,
  • Alaskans have a lot of good ideas that should be shared,
  • Polarization is not the way our communities and state should function, and
  • By respectfully exchanging ideas with one another, we can work toward solving the problems facing our community, state, and nation;

Alaska Common Ground invites you to join us in an effort to enhance our democratic way of life by engaging Alaskans in respectful conversations. We work to build a better understanding on important public policy issues through forums, group discussions, policy papers and public service announcements.

We will be hosting a forum discussing Alaska’s Changing Climate: Impacts, Policy and Action on Saturday, November 14th in the UAA Student Union. More information here.

For links to video and handouts from our September 19th forum exploring Alaska’s Fiscal and Economic Future please click here.

On May 9th, we held a forum exploring Healthcare Costs in Alaska and how they affect Alaska’s fiscal future. Panelists discussed reasons for the high healthcare costs in Alaska and possible solutions to reduce them.

If you are interested in receiving advance notice of our events please send us your e-mail and we will add you to our list.