An engaged Alaskan democracy



An engaged Alaskan democracy.


Engage and inform Alaskans to cultivate understanding and cooperation on issues important to Alaska.  


  • A conviction that informed and engaged community members are essential to a democratic society.
  • An appreciation of Alaska’s social, cultural, and political diversity.
  • A commitment to a just society and a sustainable and vibrant democracy.
  • Keep it fun.

What We Do to Further Our Vision, Mission and Values

In partnership with other organizations, Alaska Common Ground sponsors:

  • public forums on policy issues of public concern;
  • group dialogue on issues of community interest;
  • panel discussions and debates on public policy and electoral choices; and
  • reports, recommendations and media presentations on public policy topics

in all activities we strive to foster respect for diversity and diverse opinions.

Alaska Common Ground values and embraces the rich cultural, political, and social diversity that Alaska encompasses. Our organization firmly believes that an engaged democracy thrives when Alaskans from all backgrounds are informed and empowered to make their own decisions on public policy issues. ACG’s commitment to a just society and sustainable democracy is rooted in our appreciation for the unique perspectives that each Alaskan brings to the table. Whether through our membership or our Board of Directors, we actively promote respect for diversity, and wish to foster an inclusive environment. We recognize that this is critically important within our organization’s leadership, and as such we encourage all voices to join us to shape the future of our state.

Read our statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 here.