An engaged Alaskan democracy.

If you believe that…

  1. Democracy depends on citizen participation,
  2. Alaskans have a lot of good ideas that should be shared,
  3. Polarization is not the way our communities and state should function, and
  4. By respectfully exchanging ideas with one another, we can work toward solving the problems facing our community, state, and nation;

Alaska Common Ground invites you to join us in an effort to enhance our democratic way of life by engaging Alaskans in respectful conversations. We work to build a better understanding on important public policy issues through forums, group discussions, policy papers and public service announcements.

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Who is Alaska Common Ground?

Bring the Future Back North

The pros, cons and costs of returning to a defined benefit retirement system for state employees

Alaska is losing its population aged 18-64 and a third of our youth leave the state and never return. Our skilled public sector workforce is being educated and trained here in Alaska, but too frequently now moving for jobs with better benefits in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and elsewhere.

Senator Cathy Giessel and Fate Putman, former Department of Revenue staffer, will a plan that they believe will stop the bleed of Alaska’s youth and skilled public sector workforce out of state – a return to a defined benefit retirement system for state employees. 

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Progress Towards a Sustainable Alaska Fiscal Plan?

Alaska Common Ground hosted a fiscal planning discussion on May 22 with three veteran journalists who gave us their perspectives of what happened and didn’t happen during the legislative session, what is likely to happen going forward, and how Alaskans and organizations can best encourage and influence progress towards a sustainable fiscal plan.

Moderator: Gunnar Knapp, Professor Emeritus of Economics and former Director, UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)


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Legislative Update: Budget Negotiations and a Fiscal Plan?

On April 25, 2023, we heard from Senator Cathy Giessel (Majority Leader, Senate Bipartisan Coalition), and Representative Calvin Schrage (Minority Leader, Alaska House Coalition), who discussed current legislative budget negotiations, including revenues and expenditures, as the end of legislative session approaches.

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Climate Action Series

Alaska Common Ground hosted a series exploring local solutions to the climate crisis based on the goals found in Anchorage’s Climate Action Plan. You can find video and more information at the links below.

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