An engaged Alaskan democracy.

If you believe that:

  • Democracy depends on citizen participation,
  • Alaskans have a lot of good ideas that should be shared,
  • Polarization is not the way our communities and state should function, and
  • By respectfully exchanging ideas with one another, we can work toward solving the problems facing our community, state, and nation;

Alaska Common Ground invites you to join us in an effort to enhance our democratic way of life by engaging Alaskans in respectful conversations. We work to build a better understanding on important public policy issues through forums, group discussions, policy papers and public service announcements.


Climate Action Series

Alaska Common Ground is hosting a series exploring local solutions to the climate crisis based on the goals found in Anchorage’s Climate Action Plan. 

More information here.

Annual Meeting and Fiscal Discussion

We held our Annual Meeting on April 5 when we also featured a timely presentation on Alaska’s fiscal future featuring Senate Minority Leader Tom Begich, D.-Anchorage, and Rep. Ivy Spohnholz, D.-Anchorage and Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee who each presented a plan to address Alaska’s structural fiscal crisis before questioning each other and taking audience questions. Moderated by Alaska Common Ground Board Member Cliff Groh.

Who is Alaska Common Ground?

Looking for a no nonsense guide to Alaska’s fiscal crisis?

Check out Alaska Common Ground’s guide to Alaska’s fiscal issues. We’re planning events discussing Alaska’s fiscal options, but you can also find more resources and information on previous events here.

We, the Board of Alaska Common Ground, stand in solidarity with Black lives. We stand against the legacies of racism and violence that have attempted to silence Black and Indigenous voices, and all People of Color, for generations throughout this country including Alaska. Read the full statement here.

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