An engaged Alaskan democracy

We Are Alaskans

Alaska’s great strength is it’s diversity of people. We strive to build mutual understanding and appreciation among the many different cultures of the people of our state. Alaska Common Ground has been building bridges of understanding by producing television Public Service Announcements (PSAs). The first one featured the East High School Swing Chorus singing “Change of Heart.” The song and singers projected the varied faces of Alaska and the importance of mutual respect.

The second PSA was produced in cooperation with Bridge Builders and featured the nine students of differing ethnic backgrounds citing sections of the Bridge Builders pledge in front of the Alaska flag. It finishes with Bethel elder, John Acton saying, “We are all Alaskans.”

Past Forums:

  • We are Alaskans
    • Today’s Children – Tomorrow’s Leaders. Why Early Childhood Education is Important (5/13)
    • Immigration in Anchorage (5/12)
    • End Game B Choices & Care Available for Alaskans for End of Life Care 4/01)
    • Alaska’s Changing Demographics (4/99)
    • Problem; Possible Consequences, Ways to Prepare (2/99)
    • Coping with Y2K – Discussion on: The Causes of the Yr. 2000 Computer
    • Choices & Consequences: The Effects of Proposed Amendments on Alaska’s Constitution (10/98)
    • The University and the Community (4/98)
    • Management Implications of Federal Takeover of Fish & Wildlife (10/97)
    • Whither Goes Alaska Tourism (4/97)
    • Welfare in Alaska – Myths and Facts (11/96)
  • Urban Rural Relationships
    • Reconciling Alaska’s Urban-Rural Split: What Can We Do? Part I (Rural Governance Subsistence)
    • Reconciling Alaska’s Urban-Rural Split: What Can We Do? Part II (Education, Justice, Equality) (11/00)
  • Ethics
    • Legislative Ethics (1/07)
    • Questions that Alaskans should be asking about the fiscal contract for the pipeline (4/06)