An engaged Alaskan democracy



An engaged Alaskan democracy.


To cultivate Alaska’s common ground for “government of the people, by the people, for the people” by engaging diverse citizens in active pursuit of informed mutual understanding and agreement on vital issues of public concern.


  • An appreciation of Alaska’s social, cultural and political diversity.
  • A conviction that informed and engaged citizens are essential for a democratic society to endure.
  • A commitment to a just society in a sustainable democracy.

What We Do to Further Our Vision, Mission and Values

In partnership with other organizations, Alaska Common Ground sponsors:

  • public forums on policy issues of public concern;
  • group dialogue on issues of community interest;
  • panel discussions and debates on public policy and electoral choices;
  • training in methods to facilitate public dialogue; and
  • reports, recommendations and media presentations on public policy topics

in all activities we strive to foster respect for diversity and diverse opinions.