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Alaska’s Major Energy Projects

November 15, 2013 – Alaska Public Media

This week on Addressing Alaskans, listen to a panel discussion hosted by Commonwealth North on five major Alaska energy projects. Panelists Tim Bradner, Mark Foster, Scott Goldsmith and Harry Noah address how the different projects complement or complete with each other, challenges ahead for each, how state deficits and declining revenue impact the projects, and finally how to navigate the future and decide which one is best. All five of the potential projects discussed have received state funding.

Major projects discussed:

  • Alaska South Central LNG Project (North Slope producer-led large-volume gas pipeline)
  • Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline (State-sponsored smaller-volume gas pipeline)
  • Alaska Interior Energy Plan (North Slope to Fairbanks LNG trucking)
  • Susitna-Watana hydroelectric project
  • Cook Inlet gas exploration (State investments and tax credits)

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