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Oil Tax Referendum

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Moderator Gunnar Knapp’s opening presentation.

Ballot Measure 1: An Act Relating to the Oil and Gas Production Tax, Interest Rates on Overdue Taxes, and Tax Credits

Alaska Division of Elections ballot measure language
Attorney General’s review of referendum application


Gunnar Knapp is Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at University of Alaska Anchorage and a Professor of Economics at UAA. He has been at ISER since 1981.

Advocating “Yes” Vote

Senator Bill Wielechowski has served in the Alaska Senate as a Democrat since 2007, representing East Anchorage and Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Gregg Erickson is an economist and consultant and the Editor-at-Large of the Alaska Budget Report.
Handouts referred to by Gregg Erickson during the forum: Revenue Loss handout and Oil Production handout

Advocating “No” Vote

Brad Keithley is the president of an oil and gas policy consulting company.

Roger Marks is a petroleum economist in private practice in Anchorage specializing in petroleum economics and taxation.


Biographies for Participants in Forum on Oil Tax Referendum SB 21 Repeal

Vote Yes – Its Our Oil 

Vote No On 1


This forum was cosponsored by:

  • Alaska Integrated Media (AIM)

  • Anchorage Public Library

  • League of Women Voters of Alaska

  • League of Women Voters of Anchorage

  • ISER