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Healthcare Costs in Alaska

On May 9th, 2015, we held a forum exploring the costs of healthcare in Alaska and how they affect Alaska’s fiscal future. Panelists discussed reasons for the high healthcare costs in Alaska and possible solutions to reduce them.

Summary of Forum

Video of Panel on 360 North

Podcast available on Alaska Public Media

Powerpoint presentations from the panelists:

• Mouhcine Guettabi, ISER, Assistant Professor of Economics Slides
• Deb Erickson, Executive Director of the Alaska Health Care Commission Slides
• Greg Loudon, Insurance Broker and Health Benefits Consultant for Parker, Smith and Feek Slides
• Doug Eby, Vice-President of Medical Services, Southcentral Foundation Slides
Moderated by Mark Foster, Chief Financial Officer, Anchorage School District.

Thanks to AARP Alaska for their support of this program.