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Rollin Stanley

Rollin Stanley presentation 3-22-17

Interview on Hometown Alaska 3-22-17

Title: General Manager, Urban Strategy

Areas of focus: The Urban Strategy Studio has been set up to help focus attention on strategic projects and the infrastructure necessary to make these initiatives happen. The outcomes are focused on making the right investment decisions that result in city building investments that benefit the city and ensure city resources are being located and used to their highest and best uses. Matching communities and city building actors to drive positive change that enriches our City is a critical element to ensure Calgary continues to channel the positive outlook every Calgarian enjoys.

Career history: Previously Rollin worked in the suburbs of Washington DC, transforming the face of a predominately suburban county by creating opportunities around subway stations for higher density. The transformation is one of the biggest in the nation and is helping to put the county on a firm financial footing.  In St. Louis, Rollin worked closely with the Mayor to help turnaround the city that lost over 500,000 people in 50 years. Working in Toronto for 21 years, he was instrumental in negotiating development throughout the downtown and in transforming the entertainment district.

Leadership philosophy: Empowering people to be creative, engaged and focused on outcomes.