An engaged Alaskan democracy

Peril’s, Possibilities, and a Path: Alaska’s flight to somewhere

By Cliff Groh
Cartoons by Peter Dunlap-Shohl
Graphic Assistance by Quentin Bidwell and Nathan Bradford
October 2020

Long Version Flight to Somewhere

Flight to Somewhere Booklet

Note from Cliff Groh

I have researched, written about, and given speeches over decades
about Alaska’s public finances. Since circumstances have
deteriorated even with all my efforts as well as those of others, I
decided to move beyond writing op-eds and giving PowerPoint
presentations to work with a cartoonist and specialists in graphics to
prepare this booklet on Alaska’s fiscal crisis and the options to
address that crisis.

This booklet aims to help increase understanding, dispel fantasy, and
fight dishonesty and folly. It also expresses my values. At the end I
offer a plan.

In the appendices, there is a glossary of key terms plus an Alaska
fiscal timeline and notes on the sources for the numbers used in this
graphic booklet.