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Who’s Doing What on Climate Change in Anchorage and Beyond

February 4, at the 49th State Brewing Company

Alaska Common Ground hosted an open house for organizations with a role for Alaskans to directly engage in activities affecting climate change in Alaska. You can find each organization’s presentation, their slide, and links to their websites below.

Organizations’ introduce themselves, starting with The Alaska Center.

Participating Organizations:

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Organization Perspective: Darcy Dugan, Alaska Ocean Acidification Network

From the standpoint of an organization invited to host a table, the Climate Change Open House put on by Alaska Common Ground was an inspiring and valuable experience. I hosted a booth for the Alaska Ocean Acidification Network, and when the doors opened, I watched the room fill with interested, community-minded, action-oriented people of all ages. The structure of the event really catered towards people connecting with organizations that fit their interest. I had many one-on-one conversations and filled up two pages of email addresses of people interested in learning more about getting involved in ocean acidification. I also had the opportunity to learn about many other efforts taking place in our city that I didn’t know about—from Yarducopia to the Electric Vehicle Association to resources at the library. I left feeling invigorated and grateful to live in this community, and that we are all working together towards a greater effort.